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As a deployable resource, RanchAid provides a mobile temporary animal housing destination or in place fixed safe haven to perform large and small scale operations. We provide the supplies and coordinate personnel needed to set-up and operate for a short or long term. All temporary housing locations and policies will be developed based on laws, regulations and ordinances governing the subject area.

 Animal welfare and wellness is the primary focus and priority of all Staff and Volunteers. Creating preventative measures and maintaining a healthy environment is accomplished by adhering to best practices and daily disciplines of cleanliness and care in all housing facilities. We practice general principles of prevention, mandatory confinement and control of disease and pest.  Proper State and County Animal Health regulations will be followed in the disposal of all deceased animals.

RanchAid manages all logistical facets related to accomplishing:

  • Systematic intake
  • Professional assessment
  • Identification and data base cataloging
  • Decontamination of chemicals and toxins
  • Medical triage clinics
  • Daily care, offering high quality nutrition and hydration in a controlled environment.

All large animal veterinary emergency and medical care is performed by a licensed practitioner.