September 20, 2017
Update: RanchAid has now been called up by FEMA as all local supports have been utilized and expended.  Tier 2 Supports are now being asked to respond and RanchAid is ready, willing and able.

RanchAid will be in Houston later this week and we still need your help in raising money to support those who are on the ground helping large animals survive. It will take 8-10 years to get Houston, Corpus Christi and Texas Gulf Coast Region back to "normal" so it's a marathon not a sprint... and we're in it for the long haul. 

Please join the team by helping us if you can. 
Mike, Jonathan, Gayle & the whole RanchAid team. #RanchAid #Houston #Flood #LargeAnimalResue

RanchAid and CLEAR provides a framework for coordination and cooperation across Private, Government, and Non-Government organizations (NGO) regarding agricultural animal incidents affecting the health, safety, and welfare of communities and animals. The CLEAR focus includes animal feeding of organic clean forage, containment and sheltering logistics, hazard mitigation and preparedness, and identifying solutions to complex animal issues such as large animal decontamination and animal carcass incineration. In addition, CLEAR partners and supporting organizations work with all sectors of Emergency Management to provide guidance and response activities before, during, and after a disaster, or emergency.

This initiative works to coordinate supporting organizations that may have a role in supporting animal or agriculture related disaster activities.

The objectives of CLEAR are to coordinate resources to:

  • Identify human health and economic risks associated with agriculture animals.
  • Identify resources to assist in temporary shelter confinement/care of animals that have escaped confinement or have been displaced from their natural habitat.
  • Provide resources to mobile organic forage production for a balanced diet which is critical to animal under stress. 
  • Assist with long-term maintenance and recovery efforts of animals that cannot be returned to their normal habitat or have been separated from their owners.
  • Coordinate assistance for livestock/farm animals. 
  • Assess and respond to emergency issues relating to agricultural feeding issues.

RanchAid and the CLEAR Alliance was formed to aid communities and government agencies in all four phases of disaster planning in regards to agriculture animal issues. CLEAR has engaged experts to assist in hazard mitigation, disaster/emergency preparedness, response partner agencies, and short/long term recovery support and logistics. Each support partner provides a “forward-thinking” perspective that can identify solutions for many species of livestock and exotic animals.


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A load of Ranchaid feed and medication being loaded to send to aid large animals in Puerto Rico